Dental clinic «Fabrika Ulybki»


    dental clinic «Fabrika Ulybki»
    Larisa Grigorevna
    I want to sincerely, from all souls to Cassiano Express my gratitude to Alexander Vladimirovich for the attention, exten...sive expertise, high professionalism in the conduct of basal three teeth implantation and simultaneous removal of residual roots from previously removed teeth in another clinic. The operation and postoperative period passed without complications. I worship you, Alexander Vladimirovich, and wish you good health and prosperity. Thank you to all the staff for creating an atmosphere of goodwill, thanks to which you want to receive quality treatment only in your clinic!
    I want to express my gratitude to the dental clinic "Fabrika Ulybki" and its professionals! It so happened that a cyst f...ormed in my gum (anterior tooth). I was very afraid of removal ((((But the doctors of the clinic managed to avoid removal. They treated and cleaned my teeth. Now nothing bothers me. I regularly go for hygiene. I trust my teeth to the professionals of "Fabrika Ulybki". Visit this clinic if you're looking for smth good, you will not regret it!
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    About us

    Professional dentistry “Fabrika Ulybki”, created by spouses Alexander and Elena Kassikhin in 2003, works only with qualified dentists on modern equipment. Our goal is your enjoyment of the process and satisfaction with the result!

    We provide services in the following directions:

    • Hygiene and treatment;
    • Whitening;
    • Surgery;
    • Prosthetics;
    • Implantation.

    Our specialists:

    The dentistry “Fabrika Ulybki” is proud of its specialists: the qualifications of our doctors and their scrupulousness in solving problems of any complexity have allowed us to earn trust of many of our regular customers. In addition to standard procedures carried out in almost all clinics in Minsk, we are proud to use widely in practice implantation, implant prosthetics and perform various surgical operations.

    All members of the dentistry “Fabrika Ulybki” work as a team. From the very beginning you will plunge into the atmosphere of benevolence and participation. Even children are friends with our doctors.

    Our advantages:

    • Guaranty on all types of work;
    • Location in the city center (Myasnikova str., 35);
    • Convenient schedule - until 21:00 from Monday to Saturday.

    Call - our administrator will answer all questions and help you to make an appointment.

    “Fabrika Ulybki”: nice mood as a bonus!

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

    Dental services
    Dentistry, Teeth whitening, Dental hygiene and prevention, Dental implantation, Dental prosthetics, X-ray of teeth, Surgical dentistry, Dental tomography, Panoramic pictures of teeth, Teeth restoration, Teeth extraction, Removal of tartar, Installation of veneers, Gum treatment
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